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801-410-7837 (3 comments)
by DC 3 years ago
Asked them to remove me from their solicitation list. They said "no and have a nice day".
801-993-3227 (1 comments)
by 4 years ago
iam worried why they called at this night time
801-918-4966 (1 comments)
by 4 years ago
Not sure who it was, no message. I didn't bother calling back.
801-218-3238 (3 comments)
by Annoyed 5 years ago
No name nor company name if frequent caller. Leaves no message and I don't answer calls from unfamiliar numbers particularly at work
801-718-5001 (2 comments)
by sandy 5 years ago
Solicitation for sex
801-955-2982 (1 comments)
by 5 years ago
Fedex office in Taylorsville
801-327-8123 (1 comments)
by Cassie 5 years ago
Wanted Donation
801-778-6102 (2 comments)
by H 5 years ago
Calls then hangs up. Remove my number from your call list.
801-784-6685 (1 comments)
by Anonymous 5 years ago
This amount calls between five and seven times per day. No person or computer communication has been answered by me only silence. I've termed this amount only silence. This gets annoying after six mon...
801-370-6000 (1 comments)
by Anonymous 5 years ago
It is melaleuca1...a multi level marketing company
801-923-5889 (1 comments)
by Anonymous 5 years ago
Received unsolicited phone-calls.
801-407-5478 (1 comments)
by Anonymous 5 years ago
Well, at the least it's one that is promoting knowledge, a different kind of scammer rather than some Indian trying to sell Viagra.
801-542-9344 (1 comments)
by Anonymous 5 years ago
I received msg from ONTARIO LOTTERY i NEXT

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