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410-648-9484 (1 comments)
by dlFgyXDhP 3 years ago
That's an inenillgett answer to a difficult question xxx
410-643-9120 (2 comments)
by Rabbi Rick 5 years ago
Scammers offering fake credit card in exchange for Personal Data.
410-352-4225 (1 comments)
by Jim Jim 4 years ago
Robotic call wanting money for Police
410-793-7581 (1 comments)
by Lynn 4 years ago
We have been getting robo-calls from this number frequently. Three to four a day is not unusual. The claim is it's IRS and a warrant has been issued for arrest.
410-985-6570 (2 comments)
by soraya baha 5 years ago
whom rang me all the time and don't talk.
410-415-7961 (1 comments)
by 5 years ago
just wondering who is calling - leaves no message
410-220-2764 (2 comments)
by doug 5 years ago
Needs to be a bounty on telemarketers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
410-725-3118 (1 comments)
by 5 years ago
Time waster, very suspicious, beware.
410-205-7165 (1 comments)
by 5 years ago
They asked for my husband who was not home. I asked if they were selling something. They hung up on me.

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