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845-213-1550, Reverse Phone Lookup

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Information for 8452131550, 845-2131550, (845) 213-1550, 845-131-550

Area Code 845. Country: United States. State/Province: Spring Valley (NY).

Comments and reports for the phone 845-213-1550

Report by John Hughes
by 1 year ago
and stick an Ice pick up their fucking assholes as well.
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Type of call: Prank Call
Report by John Hughes
by 1 year ago
These Cocksucking Mother Fuckers had the fucking balls to call at 8:00 PM on Sunday Labor Day Weekend. What is the matter don't these Perverted Sons of Bitches have any fucking shame, I would like to get my fucking hands on these Jackfucks and beat the shit out of the, cut their balls off and make them suck their own dick and then eat their own fucking balls.l
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Type of call: Likely Phishing or Scam

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Types of call
Likely Phishing or Scam (1)
Prank Call (1)

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