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Information for 7656370782, 765-6370782, (765) 637-0782, 765-370-782

Area Code 765. Country: United States. State/Province: Muncie (IN).

Comments and reports for the phone 765-637-0782

Report by Bi For Now
by 6 years ago
Student Loan Assistance Corp. I have no student loans, have not had student loans for over 20 years. Any student loans have been paid in full with no delinquency. So, they have NO business calling me. Yet, they continue to pester me after I've told them, repeatedly, all of the above. IDIOTS! Anyone getting these annoying calls repeatedly (and you KNOW it does not belong to you) keep very good records and report them to your State's Dept of Consumer Affairs. They need to be stopped and can only be stopped by proper recording and reporting to your own state's dept of consumer affairs.
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Caller: Student Loan Assistance Corp.
Type of call: Debt Collector
Report by Anonymous
by 6 years ago
They start contacting a bit after 8. every day and keep on for three or four more times daily. It used to be Sallie Mae calling on a regular basis from the same region code, but now it is Navient. They never abandon an email, when I get the device, and they do not remedy. We-don't have any loans with possibly Sallie or Navient Mae. Don't know what they need. They're idiots.
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Type of call: Unspecified
Report by j876xvivCG3
by 4 years ago
aca3uneRt0;Icd have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!…
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Caller: fCuV2snyrxY
Type of call: Non-profit Organization
Report by Rose
by 4 years ago
Calling relatives and my job multiple times a day. This is harassment.
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Type of call: Likely Phishing or Scam
Report by Cherryl Walker
by 4 years ago
Since June 1, 2016, I've been receiving numerous calls daily from this number, with the CIDs of Private Name and Unknown Name. At other call reporting sites, this number has been identified with Sallie Mae student loans, Navient Solutions, and an alleged scam by the name of Freda Y. Branch. I paid off my student loans 30 years ago, thanks to the G. I. Bill.
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Caller: Navient Solutions
Type of call: Debt Collector
Report by Tamara Hoffmann
by 5 years ago
Whoever this is keeps calling me and hanging up.
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Type of call: Debt Collector
Report by Melly Hernandez
by 6 years ago
They call about six or seven times a day! Never leaves a message. Annoying!! the first call comes in right at 8am and as late as 9pm!!!!
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Type of call: Unspecified

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Types of call
Debt Collector (3)
Unspecified (2)
Likely Phishing or Scam (1)
Non-profit Organization (1)

Who is the caller?
Student Loan Assistance Corp. (1)
Navient Solutions (1)
fCuV2snyrxY (1)

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