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Information for 2065084014, 206-5084014, (206) 508-4014, 206-084-014

Area Code 206. Country: United States. State/Province: Seattle (WA).

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Report by JohnGlen
by 1 year ago
Received a telephone call from this number at 9:34 p.m. to my work line. Received an email at the same time. Email came from address-verification@amazon.com. First, I don't have an Amazon account nor did I purchase anything from Amazon. Person on the voicemail was a man with a strong ethnic accent urging me to call him back. None of my credit cards are associated with my work telephone or work email address - this was the first "red flag". I immediately went to my credit card online and it had been charged 4 times for unauthorized purchases. The first was for $1.00, apparently trying to "test" the account, the second was for $49.00 and some change, then the third was for almost $150.00. Apparently my credit card fraud alert went up and they THEN tried to use a "square" reader to type in my credit card information and use it that way - the last charge was made immediately before the telephone call and email listed above. I contacted my credit card company and they locked my account for fraud, canceled the card and the dispute resolution team took it from there. I will be filing a formal police report as well. If you receive a telephone call from this number, I highly suggest checking your credit card accounts for unauthorized purchases.
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Type of call: Likely Phishing or Scam
Report by Anonym
by 5 years ago
Complete scam they called me twice and the spoof an actual Amazon number. I spoke to Amazon and was assured they do not call customers, they would send an email if there were account problems.
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Type of call: Likely Phishing or Scam
Report by Anonym
by 5 years ago
Fake amazon, My amazon account was hacked, charged for 594,68$ , the real amazon dont know, and does not care!
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Type of call: Unspecified
Report by anonymous
by 4 years ago
This number called 6 times within 5 minutes, left no message, listed as unknown caller. Finally unplugged telephone. Bottom feeding bastards.
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Caller: ?
Type of call: Telemarketer

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