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Information for 2063171695, 206-3171695, (206) 317-1695, 206-171-695

Area Code 206. Country: United States. State/Province: Seattle (WA).

Comments and reports for the phone 206-317-1695

Report by anonymous
by 4 years ago
This person say he is from the department of U.S.Treasury and that the government is giving me a 7,000 dollar grant that I don't have to pay taxes on I can give the my account number to receive the money or my debit card number, and my favorite to buy a Dot Green Card from CVS or Gass station and put 259 dollars on it to activate the 7,000 dollars and I can pick it up cah at Western Union. Please good people be very careful who you give your information too.
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Caller: US Department of Treasury
Type of call: Survey
Report by G9rCHH4njux
by 2 years ago
Real brain power on dipylas. Thanks for that answer!
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Caller: 7XGCCxOhez
Type of call: Prank Call
Report by Maria
by 4 years ago
They call me right now from 509-331-5555, tell me that I'm be select to get a US Government grand of 9,000 Us dollar, he give a code and 206-317-1695 number, to call and get my money from Western Union; I choose to look in internet first, why the police, FBI or any agency do something about this?
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Type of call: Likely Phishing or Scam
Report by Texan
by 4 years ago
Scam they want money
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Type of call: Unspecified
Report by Shawna
by 4 years ago
I got a call from a blocked unknown number that told me I was given a grant from the government. They gave me a code and asked me to call this number to set everything up to get the money. I called the number and they told me I need to spend 250$ to activate my 9k grant and then they would give it to me. Funny because generally if its a grant they send a check in the mail (not to a western union) and it costs you nothing but your time filling out the actual application. When they told me I had to give them money that was non-refundable I said this is a scam and it illegal... they proceeded to hang up on me. They are working with a call center.
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Type of call: Likely Phishing or Scam
Report by anonymous
by 4 years ago
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Type of call: Unspecified

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Types of call
Unspecified (2)
Likely Phishing or Scam (2)
Prank Call (1)
Survey (1)

Who is the caller?
US Department of Treasury (1)
7XGCCxOhez (1)

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